martedì 17 aprile 2012

A loro basta aprire le gambe

Questo post é dedicato a tutti coloro che non credono a quanto riportato in "Le verità nascoste di Jacopo S."

Andie Mc Dowell (AMD) and Hugh Grant (HG) talking about bedfellows in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

AMD: Anyway, I reckon l've had my fair run at it.

HU: What is a fair run these days,down your way?

AMD: I don't know. More than one.

HU: Well, come on. Tell me. I've seen the dress. We have no secrets.

AMD: Well...The first one - of course, not easily forgotten - was kinda nice. Two... hairy back.Three, four, five... Six was on my birthday in my parents' room.

Hu: Which birthday?

AMD: Seventeenth

HU: We've only reached seventeen?

AMD: I grew up in the country. Lots of rolling around in haystacks. OK. Seven... Eight, unfortunately, (sign of shortcoming of attributes) was quite a shock. Nine, against a fence. Very uncomfortable. Don't try it.

HU: I won't.

AMD: Ten was gorgeous. Just heaven, just... He was wonderful.

HU: I hate him.

AMD: (laughs) Eleven, obviously after ten, disappointing. Twelve to seventeen through the university years. Sensitive, caring, intelligent boys. Sexually speaking, a real low patch. Eighteen broke my heart. Years of yearning.

HU: I'm sorry.

AMD: Twenty... Oh, my God! I can't believe l've reached twenty. Twenty-one, elephant tongue.Twenty-two kept falling asleep. That was my first year in England.

HU: I do apologise.

AMD: Twenty-three and twenty-four together. That was something.

HU: Seriously?

AMD: Twenty seven: Ough, That was a mistake!

HU: Suddenly at twenty-seven you make a mistake?

AMD: Yes, he kept screaming. Very off-putting. I nearly gave up on the whole thing. But Spencer changed my mind. That's twenty-eight. His father, twenty-nine.

HU: With his father?

AMD: mhh-hm. Thirty, mmmh. Thirty-one ... Oh, my God. Thirty two was lovely. And then my fiancé, that's thirty-three.

HU: Wow!So I came after your fiancé?

AMD: No, you were thirty-two. So there you go. Less than Madonna, more than Princess Di - I hope. And how about you? How many have you slept with?

HU: Christ! Nothing like that many. I don't know...
I don't know what the fuck l've been doing with my time. Work, probably. Yeah, work. I have been working late a lot.

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